Villa Springs
Welcome to Villa Springs Lake!
Villa Springs is small and secluded lake community with 80 lot owners and approximately 60 acres of water. The community is 3 miles South of Springfield, NE at 132nd & Buffalo Road. The lake is a private tight-knit community with access only allowed to those who own a lot on the lake. Please take the time to view the contents of our site and don't hesitate to reach out to one of our board members to learn more about the community.
Upcoming Schedule of Events
Date Time Event
May 13-21 Spring Cleanup
June 26, 2017 6:00 PM Board Meeting
July 3, 2017 9:45 PM Fireworks
September 17, 2017 3:00 PM Lake Picnic

Committee members include: Chairperson: Aaron Klusmire, Alan Hans, Tom Novak, Gary Partusch, Shane Kohl, Eric Stane, Bryan Promes, Duane David, Rob Hermsen, Ed Foral, Tim Thunn and Adam Nowka.  

Aaron Klusmire reported the following:
Water clarity is good at about 3ft. We are not anticipating treating the lake at this time for weed control but will continue monitoring. Will shock sometime this spring to check the size and health of the fish. 200 Walleye were stocked in November.

Alan Hans reported the following:
Discussion held about Lot 5 putting up a 6’ privacy fence. The committee agreed only to allow a 4' black aluminum rail fence or a 4' chain link fence.

Gary Partusch reported the following:

At the annual meeting a motion was made to allow I/O boats on the lake. If was decided that we form a committee to discuss this issue. A meeting was held on March 14th and the committee decided there was no reason the change the rules and regulations at this time.

Gary Partusch reported in Jodi Kohl's absence:

The annual meeting minutes were previously approved via email.  

Hank Schwarz reported the following:
Balance sheet along with the Profit & Loss statement was presented and reviewed by those present.  There were no significant changes from the November meeting.

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