Villa Springs Owners Association (VSOA) Annual Meeting

Sat, Jan 12, 2019

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Meeting minutes for 2018 Annual Meeting

Villa Springs Owners Association Annual Meeting

Springfield Legion Hall Springfield, NE November 4, 2018

President call to Order: Gary Partusch

The annual meeting of the Villa Springs Owners Association was called to order at 2:02 by President Gary Partusch.

Annual Meeting Quorum Requirements

There were a total of 45 homeowners represented (40 members and 5 proxy votes), which represents 50% of the members. 88 lots total

All members present were asked to introduce themselves.

Secretary’s Report: Andrea Nowka

The board will approve the minutes of this annual meeting at their next meeting. Board approved VSOA meeting minutes are posted on our website.

Treasurer’s Report: Hank Schwartz

Reviewed Financial Report Handouts

Burn pile cost is down from last year after the storm.

$17,000 road construction fee is from last years bid for reconstruction of Lake View Drive.

Proposed dues increase for road fund. (will discuss in new business) VSOA 2018-2019 budget was adopted. Treasurer’s report attached.

Committee Reports

Fish-Aaron Klusmire

-No algae for 2 years in a row.

-Walleye will be added next week.

-Grass carp added again in Spring.

-Don’t think we need to worry about Zebra Mussels. -REMINDER: NO boats on lake other than homeowners.

Architectural- Alan Hans

Please submit plans to the committee when you submit to the County. Everything needs to go through Floodplain Development, which takes about a month, so the committee will have time to approve.

Social Committee-Jodi Kohl

Christmas meeting Monday, November 5 at 6:30.

Christmas party December 1. Invite will go in mail and email.

Still no plans to do fireworks. Will plan on going year by year and see what we have in the budget.

New Business:

Covenant Compliance:

A lot of improvements of the properties from the letters Gary had sent out.

Burn Pile:

Burn pile is a mess from last years storm still. Lots of rootballs there that will not burn. A letter will be sent out with the burn pile rules and regulations. Possibly close the burn pile in January and February to allow it to be pushed up/cleaned up and start from scratch in the spring. Was proposed to start a burn pile committee.

Road Maintenance/Funding Discussion:

-Review the bylaws on roads, update to include standards that need to be met today.

-We need a 10-year plan, which would include Lakeview Drive.

-We got a bit from Asphalt Maintenance for doing an overlay of the entire lake for $320,000 without doing the sewer system.

-Looking to get a couple more bids.

-Proposal to increase dues of $500 per year per lot for a road maintenance fund. So dues would increase from $325 to $825 per year. Dues would be raised until a motion is made to decrease when we have enough of a balance in the Road Maintenance fund.

-Money would be set aside so funds were available when needed.

-Lakeview would be redone in 2019, would rebid then.

-Vote was 30-Yes, 17-No. Motion passed.

-New budget Adopted for 2019 to include the dues increase.

Election of VSOA Officers:

The term is now up for Vice President Aaron Klusmire. Nominations requested for Vice President to serve 2018-2020. Nominee Aaron Klusmire. By general consent Aaron Klusmire was elected Vice President.

The term is now up for Treasurer Hank Schwartz. Nominations requested for Treasurer to server 2018-2020. Nominee Hank Schwartz. By general consent Hank Schwartz was elected Treasurer.

The term is now up for Directors Dave Michaels, Kelly Kleymann and Bryan Promes.

Nominations requested for Directors to serve 2018-2020. Nominees Kelly Kleymann,

Dan Lorraine and Bryan Promes. By general consent, Kelly Kleymann, Dan Lorraine and Bryan Promes are elected Directors.

Meeting adjourned at 3:18

Springfield Legion Hall: Springfield, NE

November 5, 2017


The annual meeting of the Villa Springs Owners Association was called to order at 2:04pm by President Gary Partusch.


There were a total of 50 homeowners represented(46 members present and 4 proxy votes), which represents 56% of the members. 88 lots total

The official Villa Springs Owners Association (VSOA) Bylaws were last revised and approved at the November 2, 2014 VSOA Annual Meeting.

Article III Members, Section 5 Quorum states 40% of the members present in person or by proxy at any regular or special meeting the members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any such meeting.

WELCOME NEWCOMERS: All members present were asked to introduce themselves.


The board will approve the minutes of this annual meeting at their next scheduled meeting.

Reviewed Handouts:


Reviewed Financial Report Handouts

Motion made to adopt the VSOA 2017-2018 budget as presented. Motion seconded.

Treasurer’s report attached.


FISH-Aaron Klusmire

Committee Members Include: Chairperson: Aaron Klusmire, Alan Hans, Gary Partusch, Shane Kohl

Eric Stane, Bryan Promes, Duane David, Rob Hermsen, Ed Foral, Tim Thunn and Adam Nowka.

Architectural-Alan Hans


Social-Jodi Kohl

I/O Boat Discussion-Gary Partusch

Neighborhood Clean Up- Gary Partusch

Trash Pick Up-Gary Partusch

Lake Directory-Gary Partusch

Covenant Compliance-Gary Partusch



Road Maintenance-Lakeview Drive-Bryan Promes

Proposal for the VSOA to continue with engineering and resurfacing of all Lakeview Drive reviewed. Estimate from Thomson Dresen Dorner presented reviewed. Discussion held.

Motion made to approve engineering fees listed on provided document with cap of $15,000. Motion carried.


The term is now up for Gary Partusch, President. Nominations requested for President to serve 2017-2019. Nominee: Gary Partusch. Gary Partusch accepted.

The term is now up for Jodi Kohl, secretary. Nominations requested for Secretary to serve 2017-2019. Nominee: Andrea Nowka. Andrea Nowka accepted.


Terms are up for Directors, Alan Hans and John Simonson. The floor was opened up for nominations for 2 Directors for a 2 year term from 2017-2019. Nominees: Alan Hans & John Simonson. Alan Hans & John Simonson accepted.


President Gary Partusch adjourned the meeting at 3:19pm as there was no other business to come before the membership.

Jodi Kohl, Secretary VSOA 112016-112017