Villa Springs Owners Association (VSOA) Annual Meeting

Tue, Feb 11, 2020

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Meeting minutes for the 2019 Annual Meeting

Villa Springs Owners Association Annual Meeting

Springfield Legion Hall:Springfield, NE

November 3, 2019

President call to Order: Gary Partusch

The annual meeting of the Villa Springs Owners Association was called to order at 2:02 by President Gary Partusch.

Annual Meeting Quorum Requirements

There were a total of 51 homeowners represented (45 members and 6 proxy votes), which represents 50% of the members. 88 lots total

Secretary’s Report: Andrea Nowka

The board will approve the minutes of this annual meeting at their next meeting.

Board approved VSOA meeting minutes are posted on our website.

Treasurer’s Report: Hank Schwartz

Reviewed Financial Report Handouts

Road maintenance was the big expense last year.

Discussed having fireworks this year. Was voted on but not aproved.

VSOA 201-2020 budget was adopted.

Treasurer’s report attached.

Committee Reports

Fish-Aaron Klusmire

Lake quality was not great this year due to weather and the flood. Aaron sprayed multiple times, some weeds still persisted. They are easy to kill with the spray, however that does not mean they will not come back. Aaron will spray individual lots as asked for, for a fee. He will also send out an email in the spring notifying homeowners what we can use to treat on our own. He will do better at notifying when he is going to spray.

-Wiper will be added in Spring.

-Electric survey will happen in the spring to see what fish we have and what came into the lake with the flood.

-If there was ever any dangerous water content, Aaron would send out an email letting homeowners know.

-REMINDER: NO boats on lake other than homeowners. Talked about amending the bylaws requiring boats to be out of our lake for 3-7 days after they have been in another body of water. This is to prevent zebra mussels coming into our lake. Also needs to be a better way of watching the boat ramp to prevent people from putting in before this time.

Architectural- Alan Hans

Please submit plans to Alan before you start a project.

Social Committee-Mandi Lackas

Book cub and progressive dinner sign ups available at front table.

Christmas party December 7 with decorating the night before if anyone would like to help.

New Business:

Burn Pile:

Burn pile is now open. The key is the same as the boat ramp key. Contractors are not allowed to use! There is still some dirt work that needs to be done, but it is looking much better after clean up.

Lakeview Drive:

The overlay of Lakeview Dr is complete pending a seal coat. Kelly Kleyman is looking into the need of this and will update at the next board meeting. Rest of the lake roads will be sealed in spring. Going forward it is determined that the rest of the lake would not use the same process that was used to resurface Lakeview Dr. Lakeview is much better now, but bumpy, so another process will be used.

Trash Service:

Our trash service contract is up July 1st. There will be a slight increase in trash, and recycling would be an extra $9.00 per month. The board will discuss this at the next board meeting to decide whether we will continue to use recycling. Only about 50% of the lake residents use recycling now.

Lake pump:

The pump was rebuilt due to flood damage in the area underneath the pump. That area now has a lock on it so that only approved people can open the pump.

Open Discussion:

We talked about flood control as a lake community. When there is a flood watch, could we as a community come together to sandbag properties in danger of flooding. A few homeowners on the river side are working on getting permits to reinforce the river side (their backyards) so as not to lose more property into the river due to flooding.

Also talk of cleaning up trees hanging over our roads. Gary will send letters to property owners when the need arises, and he will work on cleaning up area near pump and boat dock.

Key Dates:

-Poker Float - TBD

-Lake Picnic - September 20th

-FIsh Tournament/Fry - TBD

-Board Meetings: February 10, May 18, September 7

-2020 Annual Meeting - Sunday November 1

Election of VSOA Officers:

The term is now up for President Gary Partusch. Nominations requested for President to serve 2020-2021. Nominee Gary Partusch. By general consent Gary Partusch was elected President.

The term is now up for Secretary Andrea Nowka. Nominations requested for Secretary to server 2020-2021. Nominee Andrea Nowka. By general consent Andrea Nowka was elected Secretary.

The term is now up for Directors Alan Hans and John Simonson. Nominations requested for Directors to serve 2020-2022. Nominees Alan Hans, John Simonson, Terry Ficenec and Chad Nolte. By general consent, Alan Hans and John Simonson are elected Directors.

Meeting adjourned at 3:13