Villa Springs Owners Association (VSOA) Annual Meeting 11/7/2021

Tue, Jan 18, 2022

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Meeting minutes for the 2021 Annual Meeting

Villa Springs Owners Association Annual Meeting

Springfield Fire Department Hall: Springfield, NE

November 7, 2021

President call to Order: Gary Partusch

The annual meeting of the Villa Springs Owners Association was called to order at 2:00

by President Gary Partusch.

Annual Meeting Quorum Requirements

There were a total of 43 homeowners represented (35 members and 8 proxy votes),

which represents 49% of the members. 88 lots total

Treasurer’s Report: Hank Schwartz

Reviewed Financial Reviewed

New amount proposed in the budget to reflect what we plan to spend on a new entrance

sign. New sign proposed to be on the corner of 132nd and Buffalo Road

Lake fish expense explained: This is fish we stock that won’t reproduce in the lake, ex.


VSOA 2022-2023 budget was adopted.

Treasurer’s report attached.

Committee Reports

Fish-Aaron Klusmire

Lake was healthy this year. We do have to have some weeds as they balance out the

bad algae. We will put in more grass carp this spring, they keep weeds down. Will add

walleye soon, this fall.

Aaron does a couple of weed sprays every spring and summer. It is up to the

homeowner to treat their areas if they feel it’s necessary. Please use products that are

labeled for lake water.

Aaron will get a map added to the website that shows where the fish habitats are


Architectural- Gary Partusch for Alan Hans

Please submit plans to Alan before you start a project.

New Business:

Boat stickers:

Everyone needs to have these attached to their boats

Sanitation Sewer lines: Just an FYI that there are plans for these going in off of Buffalo

road sometime in the near future.

Trees: Homeowners need to make sure their trees are trimmed off the roads. Please

make sure branches are trimmed up so that they are not hitting trucks coming through.

Road Maintenance fund: This continues to build, $500 of annual dues goes towards

this fund. Once we get a sufficient amount we will start getting bids for future road work.

This will take some years to build up enough for that

Any spots that are in immediate need of repair, the board will look into a temporary fix

that would not include redoing the entire road itself.

Covenant compliance: homeowners are to keep their properties looking neat and

cleaned up. This includes lakeside and roadside. Gary will speak with individuals

separately who need to clean up their properties.

Rules and Regulations and Bylaws: The board has discussed changes being made to

the bylaws and realizes that some updates need to be made. A task force will be made

to discuss what we would like changed and bring to the board for discussion. We would

then need to have a special meeting to vote on these changes. Changing the bylaws

requires 51% attendance to vote on this, and cannot include proxies.

Items mentioned for change include; boating speed limit overall, speed limit in

channels, boats with skiers and tubers keeping so far away from shores and docks,

times set for skiing and tubing.

The Rules and Regulations taskforce will meet to form their proposal to the board, with

a meeting held by May 1, 2022.

A bylaws taskforce will meet to form their proposal to the board, with those changes

being voted on at the next annual meeting.

Air BNB: There is one being advertised on the lake. Gary will check with legal to make

sure this is ok and not going against our community rules.

Key Dates 2022-2023:

-Christmas Party Saturday Dec ?, announced soon

-Poker Float - TBD

-Lake Picnic - September 18th

-FIsh Tournament/Fry - TBD

-Board Meetings: February 10, May 17, September 13

-2020 Annual Meeting - Sunday November 6

Election of VSOA Officers:

The term is now up for Vice President Aaron Klusmire. Nominations requested for Vice

President to serve 2022-2024. Nominee Aaron Klusmire. By general consent Aaron

Klusmire was elected Vice President.

The term is now up for Treasurer Hank Schwarz. Nominations requested for Treasurer

to serve 2022-2024. Nominee Hank Schwarz. By general consent Hank Schwarz was

elected Treasurer.

The term is now up for Directors Kelly Kleymann, Dan Lorraine and Bryan Promes.

Nominations requested for Directors to serve 2022-2024. Nominees are Bryan Promes,

Kelly Kleymann, Bill Gray and Chad Nolte. By general consent, Chad Nolte, Bryan

Promes and Kelly Kleymann are elected Directors.

Open Discussion:

Dumpster for lake cleanup: We do not have this budgeted as it is abused.

Fireworks: Also not budgeted. Last time it was voted to not have the lake pay for this.

Meeting adjourned at 3:24