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Sat, Apr 1, 2017

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First quarter 2017 Villa Voice


VSOA area spring clean-up dates are May 13th thru May 21st.

A dumpster will be provided near the boat ramp for trash & unwanted items. DO NOT put branches or yard waste in the dumpster – take branches to the burn pile. There will also be a trailer for recyclable materials. More details at a later date.


FISH & LAKE - 200 Walleye were stocked in November.

- Aaron Klusmire reports that water clarity is good at about 3ft. We are not anticipating treating

the lake at this time for weed control but will continue monitoring.

- Will shock sometime this spring to check the size and health of the fish.

eeting to allow I/O boats on the lake and a committee was

formed to address the issue. During a meeting held on March 14th, it was determined that nothing had been presented to warrant this change. Therefore, boating rules and regulations will remain the same.


We are on track to move forward using Papillion Sanitation as the preferred provider for Villa Springs. The amount added to yearly dues will be $145.75. Service will begin July lst. We will be reaching out before that time to determine if residents want 1, 2 or 3 trash/recycle bins.


Members of the Board have met with Thompson, Dreessen & Dorner along with a representative from Omni to discuss options for the repair of Lakeview Dr. We are currently awaiting bids.


Night Visions Fireworks will be handling this year’s display. The show will start at 9:45 pm on Monday, July 3rd & take place on the NE corner of the Dwight Trumbull farm on Buffalo Rd. Spectators will be allowed to park on his drive but not allowed to park on the sod field.


Unauthorized visitors have been fishing at the boat ramp. It is planned to address the issue by posting additional signs and adding more lighting. All homeowners should take responsibility for monitoring the activity of any trespassers in the Villa Springs community.


The Board will be dispatching a letter to homeowners regarding the expectations of complying with covenant and by-laws. This letter will include a timeline for compliance.


- Neighborhood Cleanup May 13th - 21st

- Independence Day Fireworks, Monday July 3rd

-Papillion Sanitation trash pick-up begins July 1st